Bethany-Elizabeth Hansen

Bethany-Elizabeth Hansen's journey started in 1999, with a bachelor's degree in fitness and nutrition and the development of her personal training business, Destiny to a New Image. She noticed people had more complete healings when she encouraged them to focus on the positive. At the time she was serving as a physical trainer to plus size adults who had experienced childhood trauma, people with injuries and people with severe medical issues. By combining her intuitive ability for reading the body and the work of Louise Hay, into the training sessions, the results were phenomenal! She found the Heal Your Life website and became a licensed Heal Your Life teacher the following month. Her two favorite passions, manifesting and personal development grew into teaching others and Destiny to a New Image, became Destiny to a New Image; Body, Mind and Soul.

Bethany-Elizabeth moved on to fulfill more of her dreams by writing a short story called, Journey to Empowerment that was published by Crane's Nest, in a book called Pearls of Wisdom. Her next book Frosty My Spirit Guide; How Changing Our Perceptions of Death Can Bring Us More Love, Joy, Happiness and Life, highlighted her natural born gift of intuition, her love of animals, her spirit guide Frosty and the deep connection she has with God and our loved ones in spirit. With the merging of Destiny to a New Image and Frosty My Spirit Guide came a heightened excitement for medical intuition and a focus on healing the body by healing the soul. Frosty's book brought about a demand for more psychic readings, mediumship demonstrations, animal communication and teaching connecting with loved ones in spirit workshops. Bethany-Elizabeth spent time working missing persons which also amplified her intuitive abilities and her curiosity for human nature and the reasons that we become who we are. To enhance her coaching abilities and support her own personal growth Bethany-Elizabeth studied extensively with Debbie Ford, earning her life coaching license and becoming a licensed/certified life coach through The Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching. Shortly thereafter she became an ordained Reverend and a Certified Spiritual Intuitive Advisor through Lisa William's International School of Spiritual Development. Her desire for personal awareness guided her to join an elite team of healers with Shay Parker's Best American Psychics. The passion she has for self-awareness, connecting to spirit, manifesting, personal empowerment, animals, intuition and God is the driving force behind her desire to coach people to heal, create and manifest a life that they love. Always believe in your own ability to fly..., and you will! She looks forward to and is grateful for the opportunity to assist you in creating your best life ever.

Bethany-Elizabeth lives in Southern California and is currently writing her next book. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, Frosty, writing, talking shop, music, animals and being outdoors! 

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