Book Reviews


I was struck and comforted by the journey written and described in great detail by Bethany-Elizabeth in this touching story. Although I am not a pet owner, I could feel the different stages she went through, before, during, and after Frosty's passing, and it helped me in dealing with the passing of my son.
This inspiring book also sheds light on our relationship with Spirit, which is all around us, so we know we are always with our loved ones. And, Bethany-Elizabeth shows us very well in her book that our animal friends are as much a part of Spirit as our human friends, and all forms of life. Thank you for your wonderful book!  Catherine from Ca.


What an amazing book! The author shares with you very personal and private moments that most people don't share with anyone. Her experience with grief is something that anyone who has lost someone can relate with and I LOVE the message that our loved ones are still with us. J Stevens


Like so many of us, I've lost near-and-dear ones: workmates, personal heroes, close friends, and family (both two and four-legged members). Each time it felt as if there was a vacuum, a hole left behind that used to be invitingly full and rich.
Reading Frosty, My Spirit Guide, reminded me that the loss is just the physical body. Those cherished spirits, energies, and gifts are still within my reach. I just have to tap in mentally and emotionally to reconnect. Indeed, now I have my beloved dad tapping me on the shoulder. And two sweet deceased cats, talking to our new one because she is definitely up on their tricks and antics, and knows a few secrets only they knew! Ya gotta love them and laugh.
The author's chronology of the grieving process was personal, but also universal. It's reassuring to know that it is a process. I could relate to so many feelings and stages along her path. It is a path, I suppose, because there is an outcome, a destination. Perhaps it's the healing we all need to pass through. It's reassuring to know we are not alone. KC from Ca.


Couldn't put it down. Author let you into her story so much so that I felt a part of the story, connecting to my grief and pushing me into remembering happy moments, bringing me healing with those I love. She showed the true friendship that is possible between any two beings. I haven't read a book in years, I picked it up and couldn't put it down, until I was done reading it. Lauren Robinson, Florida