Spiritual Services, Coaching & Classes

*Life Coaching
*Intuitive Services
*Health & Body
*Connecting With Animals
Phone & Online Sessions
15 minute - $70.00
25 minute - $110.00
50 minute - $220.00

Additional Services:
Personal Locations Sessions
50 min face to face location - $230.00
(travel cost not included)
Private and Group readings
Connecting With Your Loved Ones in Spirit (including animals) Classes and Spirit Demonstrations 
Email - FrostyMySpiritGuide@gmail.com or facebook Bethany-Elizabeth Faye Hansen-Psychic Medium with your name, contact info and the service you're interested in.


Disclaimer for all sessions, events and or classes.

Your booking of a reading verifies your acceptance of the written terms. 

By booking an experience with Bethany-Elizabeth Hansen and anyone she is partnering with for that occasion, you agree to the following terms and conditions. The information provided is for informative and personal awareness purposes only. What you decide to do with the information given, including any action you take, is up to you and is your own personal choice. Any results of those choices are your responsibility and Bethany-Elizabeth is not liable for any results that occur, because of the choices that you make based on the information given. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. I advise you that the readings are for personal enlightenment, purposes only and that the insight provided are not a substitute for medical services.